Choices by Stefania Bulboaca | SHOE CAPSULE COLLECTION
Choices is about establishing first-class standards in Women’s Wear, through our “custom made-to-bespoke” tailoring.
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Choices shoe capsule collection ft. Alexandra Popescu
Spring/summer ’16

Dance-all-night - metallic sandals
Summerlicious - strappy sandals
Ying & Yang - kitten heel
Pinkie - bi-color flats

Choices shoe capsule collection ft. Alexandra Popescu
autumn/winter ’15

Choices shoe capsule collection ft. Alexandra Popescu
spring/summer ’15

candy block heel sandals
peep-toe stiletto sandal
baby pink slingbacks
bi-color strappy flats

Choices shoe capsule collection ft. Alexandra Popescu
fall/winter ’14-‘15

lacquered navy blue shoes
bi-color pointy flats
puce lacquered pumps
pony & leather mix lace-ups

Alexandra Popescu

Alexandra is in love with life, shoes and colors. She truly believes that her mission is to bring a wide smile on her client’s faces.”

The passion for shoes begun a few years ago, as a funny game, mostly a hobby, then quickly developed into a real business ( and now into a way of living. Alexandra’s vision is to offer each woman she interacts with, the possibility to find or improve her unique style.

The collaboration with Choices came very natural and through it we crave to develop new, interesting products & styles, available to all women who seek everyday confidence.

Alexandra Popescu