Choices by Stefania Bulboaca | Freedom - S/S Collection 2014
Through our S/S Collection we offer women the gift of feeling FREE when it comes to personal style and wardrobe.
Choices, Stefania Bulboaca, Spring - summer collection, collection 2014
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About This Project


For this collection, we wanted to offer the Choices women, the feeling of lightness with drops of sensuality. We took inspiration from the lotus flower – its perfect shape, the attitude and beauty of princess Grace of Monaco … everything that breathes femininity, delicacy and joy.

Designer: Stefania Bulboaca
Location: Dianei 4
Model: Adela, MRA Models
Make Up/Hair: Maria Jarda
Photographer: Marius Donici
Date: March 31, 2015

This season we wish our ladies to display a serene and self-confident attitude, as they acknowledge their femininity, body and inner self. They are still bold, powerful women who “bloom” every morning, similar to the lotus flower unfolding from the muddy waters in morning light.

They strongly suggest it by wearing bold colors (electric blue, fuchsia, vivid green) and cuts, but at the same time, they are solar, delicate human beings and connect with pastels, flowy, natural fabrics (silk voile and organza, silk and cotton mix fabric, jersey), that caress their body and enhance their beauty.

…and enjoy the morning light caressing your face!


March 15, 2015