Choices by Stefania Bulboaca | Freedom – Spring/Summer Collection 2014
Choices is about establishing first-class standards in Women’s Wear, through our “custom made-to-bespoke” tailoring.
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evening gown in silk brocade & voile

Freedom – Spring/Summer Collection 2014

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FREEDOM is such a common word through its frequent use and it often loses its core meaning. We fight for the freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom of thinking, economic freedom and many more. But what does “freedom” really mean? Being a CEO, possessing a personal jet or maybe an island, eating at a top restaurant every day? Each individual has its own understanding of the word, related to personal experience, education and why not, even dreams.

Through our S/S Collection we offer women the gift of feeling FREE when it comes to personal style and wardrobe. We wish them to feel empowered, cared for, pampered, feminine, liberated from uncomfortable clothing. We give them wings to rise above their too busy professional life, lack of time for themselves, everyday worries, busy traffic and alike. The way a Choices woman dresses in the morning, solves half the problems the day shall bring about. It is then, the moment she knows she is beautiful, her clothes fit her personal style and body, she is invincible, her mind FREE from herself, ready to conquer the world.

In the summer she is bare feet, she loves the wind blowing her hair, she listens to music, she wears light clothes, she exchanges her office for a rooftop, she buys flowers, she escapes the noisy city, she is beautiful, FREE and in love with life!