Choices by Stefania Bulboaca | Once upon an autumn
Choices is about establishing first-class standards in Women’s Wear, through our “custom made-to-bespoke” tailoring.
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once upon an autumn…

We are all different, unique in our way of thinking and behaving, through the values we trust in and emotional qualities that define us. Each individual shares a different story with the world. We, at Choices, believe the outer image we create for ourselves, should fit our core beliefs and inner beauty…

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“Once upon an autumn…” opens a new chapter in women’s lives and gives them the possibility of creating
authentic stories around them. It is vital nowadays to maintain the balance between body, mind and soul,we are all searching for through the journey of our existence. We invite every woman to build a unique story when it comes to her way of living, her fashion Choices, must have experiences and people around her.

That is why, with every Choices collection, we encourage each woman to better express herself through her apparel, no matter if she’s a CEO or at the early stages of her career. Unfortunately, people still judge us first by appearance. Then, why not succeed by mixing unique, beautiful, customized clothes with the business skills we possess? Why not use the made-to-measure experience as an ally, as a useful tool to step out of the
crowd by creating an individualized image?

Once upon an autumn…”, was also shaped as a sensorial collection, which combines the feel of fabrics on skin with the visual impact that it offers. The cut, textures and colors, offer many possibilities of mixing and matching one’s way of living with the versatility of the pieces we’ve created.

Cashmere, alpaca wool, silk brocade, silk organza, some designer fabrics too, are few of this collections’ stars and combined with the perfect cut, shall undoubtedly enrich any wardrobe.

So, stop for a moment, rethink your fashion Choices and share your unique story with the world!

Designer: Stefania Bulboaca

Location: Private location

Model: Tania, MRA Models

Make Up/Hair: Maria Jarda

Photographer: Marius Donici

Date: October 6, 2013

White cotton top & checked cigarette pants
cocktail dress & black lacquered leather belt
silk shirt with bow; 3/4 checked wool pants
cashmere bodysuit & silk brocade skirt
Taupe wool jersey dress, trimmed with lace
Black pencil skirt; light grey jacket
cotton jersey top; wool wrap-over skirt
cocktail dress with full length exposed back zip
wool coat with lace trimming & yellow lacquered belt
silk organza evening gown & purple silk belt
Black silk ruffle top, Missoni wool jacket; cigarette pants
black tulip skirt herringbone pattern; alpaca wool jacket
Silk cocktail dress&lacquered belt
Black cocktail dress & grey and silver wool jacket
Strapless mermaid evening gown in draped black silk organza top and grey and silver wool fabric