Choices by Stefania Bulboaca | November Tale
The CHOICES' standard is improving your style by highlighting your body lines in a unique garment, with use of exquisite natural fabrics and exceptional quality craftsmanship.
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The inspiration

One of the most important relationships we have in our lives, is the one with our mother!

Inspired by my status of daughter and more recently, a mother of two (boy & girl), I wanted to capture several mother-daughter moments, as they happen for sure in real life, for our newest A/W Collection…some are imagined, some are wished for to happen with my daughter, as a teenager – even if in about 13 years or so 🙂

The “actors”

I must confess that the idea of asking Carmen (one of my dear clients), if she would agree on being my model for the photoshoot, came out of nowhere, after looking for some models at the Agency, as I usually do, but then, I said: “I will trust my guts this time, too!” and dare to propose that to her.

They were absolutely wonderful and everything went “as smooth as silk”. 🙂 A professional photoshoot like that, would normally take up to 6-8 hours to complete, but we “wrapped” it in only 4.

So, thank you Carmen & Casandra, my gorgeous mother & daughter models, for being so naturally you and…such an inspiration!

…and of course, Tatiana, for capturing, each time, the perfect instant!

Proud of them, all! Enjoy!

Designer: Stefania Bulboaca
Location: Choices Showroom
Models: Carmen & Casandra
(mother & daughter, also in real life)
Photographer: Tatiana Volontir
Date: November, 2018