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Choices is about establishing first-class standards in Women’s Wear, through our “custom made-to-bespoke” tailoring.
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personal & professional image consulting

As we are constantly working on foreseeing your fashion related wishes and needs, we are proud to offer to you, dear ladies, a new and exclusive integrated fashion concept: The Wardrobe Fairy. It consists of Exclusive Alterations Services and Professional Image & Fashion Consultancy. This is the first dedicated all-in-one fashion tool, available in Bucharest and nationally, born out of over 12 years of experience of our team members.

We are definitely ready to make it all happen for you, with the kind collaboration and constant support of our wonderful family of professionals, just to make your fashion life easier, better & glamorous!


Irina Markovits, Image & Style consultant

Irina Markovits is one of Romania’s best-known personal stylists, professional image maker for people in business and politics, personal shopper and fashion journalist/ blogger.

Her styling talent and experience recommended her for various projects with some of the biggest shopping locations in Romania (Baneasa Shopping City, AFI Cotroceni, City Park Mall Constanta), as well as with Romanian and international fashion brands (Stefanel, Marella by MaxMara, La Redoute, Debenhams, Lee Cooper, Il Passo, Oriflame, Pandora).

Led by her fascination with the power of image and the way people can use their personal brand to positively influence their own career, Irina launched a series of “professional image workshops” for companies. Some of her corporate clients include: Procter & Gamble, Air France, Adobe, Orange, British-American Tobacco, IBM, OTP Bank, Adecco, Holcim, Ewopharma, Cargill, Kaufland, Petrom/ OMV.

You can read her musings on all things fashion and style – from newest trends, style education and building spectacular outfits, to practical how to’s and shopping tips – on her blog, She also writes for The One and Forbes Life magazines.”

I. Outfit Styling Session

Are mornings in front of your closet your least favorite time of day? Then the Outfit Styling Session is for you! Irina will determine which pieces can really work collectively and then create the perfect ensembles. Afterwards, getting dressed in the morning will be the easiest task of your day.

How does it work?

An initial consultation (an informal chat) will give Irina a clear idea whether your wardrobe reflects your lifestyle. She will analyze your individual style needs and discuss your style preferences, as well as your daily activities.

During the styling session, she will mix your favourite items with some you might have forgotten about, and will create at least 20 head-to-toe looks to wear in the coming weeks. She will also give you some styling tips & tricks (such as: 5 ways to tie a skinny belt!), you’ll discuss how to accessorize for every occasion and she will show you how to wear pieces several ways, for different occasions (for example: how to wear the same skirt for work, for a romantic date or for a casual brunch!).

At the end of the Outfit Styling Session, you will look at your clothes with new eyes and will start wearing what you already own in new ways. Selecting an outfit will be just as pleasurable as your cup of morning coffee.

How much does it cost?

The Outfit Styling Session is 52 euros/ hour*. We recommend a duration of 2.5 hours per session.
* for Choices clients. Regular price: 65 euros/ hour

II. The Wardrobe Edit

If your closet is heaving with clothes but you “have nothing to wear”, the Wardrobe Edit is for you. Irina will review your clothes, while passing on her invaluable styling advice.

The result? A streamlined, stylish and wearable wardrobe.

How does it work?

It starts with a chat between you and Irina, to discover your style preferences and shopping patterns, to determine your body shape, and to define your style goals.

The first step will be going through the contents of your wardrobe, checklist in hand: you will see if you have the basic general items (clothes, shoes, accessories, handbags, scarves), as well as specific seasonal or occassion clothes (office wear vs casual wear vs. evening wear, for example). Based on this wardrobe assesment and inventory, Irina will create a first shopping list – what’s clearly missing from your closet.
The second step is the edit process itself. Irina will go through your wardrobe, garment by garment, and will show you the items you own that make the most of your assets, will suggest some new outfit combinations and ways of wearing them that will revive your existing wardrobe. At the same time, she will weed out items that are unflattering, dated or simply falling apart!

Along the way, Irina will advise on what styles, shapes and colours will flatter you to stop those costly shopping mistakes. She may suggest private workshops and fashion brands you’ve never considered, but will suit your body shape and budget, and also ways to organize and co-ordinate your wardrobe.

How much does it cost?

The Wardrobe Edit is 70 euros/ hour*, and it usually takes between 3-4 hours to edit one medium-sized wardrobe. However, we will be happy to discuss the duration before the appointment.

* for Choices clients. Regular price: 85 euros/ hour